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English to Spanish Translations

I specialize in the fields of children’s books,  education, the arts, humanities, science, astronomy, environment, general. As a native Spanish speaker, I am all too familiar with the vast regionalisms that exist within our language. With this challenge in mind, I strive to be as inclusive as possible. When inquiring about a translation project, please send me a full description of your needs including your audience, deadlines and a Word document. I charge per word, per hour or per project on a case by case basis. 

Editing & Proofreading

I have edited and proofread academic papers, education related copy, magazine articles and websites in Spanish for various clients and industries worldwide. An edited piece is my envisioned product of endless possibilities. When editing, I often combine developmental editing, line editing, fact checking and sensitivity reads in one, unless otherwise specified.  For proofreading, I use several strategies. Some of them include checking the document on the computer, on paper and with a ruler, reading it out loud, letting it sit for awhile, and proofreading again and again until my body says it is as perfect as can be. I charge per hour or word, depending on the project.

Spanish Tutoring

I have been offering Spanish conversation tutoring to intermediate and advanced international students online or in person. My method focuses on a full immersion. Our conversation topics will vary from philosophy, psychology and art to cinema and culture. The sky is the limit! I focus on your interests, goals and learning style to tailor the most compatible lesson. Students are encouraged to actively participate in their immersion by watching movies or series, listening to talks and reading books or newspaper articles, as well as engaging in conversation with other Spanish speakers. I charge per hour.

Client Reviews

“Annette’s Spanish translations of multiple Jump! low-level nonfiction series showcase her strict attention to detail, from manuscript translations to layout proofreads. She is very communicative, organized, and prompt, helping us ensure quality while still meeting strict deadlines. A pleasure to work with!” Jenna Gleisner, Editorial Director at Jump!, Inc.

“During my tenure as Director of the Bilingual Education Department at the Texas Education Agency, I had the pleasure of working alongside Annette in the development and implementation of the Spanish language versions of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills. The development process involved meetings with educators, translators/editors during which reading, math and science passages and items were translated into Spanish and original Spanish writing items were edited for content, level, and language appropriateness. Annette excelled in these tasks. She was thorough, accurate, and able to select wording that would convey the correct meaning to students from various Latin American backgrounds, avoiding cultural biases. Annette is a talented researcher, writer, translator and editor. It is my pleasure to recommend her.” Maria Seidner, Retired State Bilingual Education Director 

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